Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ron Paul

Stand Strong...remember the delegate process.

By the way, I am still alive (for those who care) and still intend to start posting again. This year has been incredibly busy with the push for RON PAUL...the push is not over yet...I have yet to vote...I am looking forward to getting my absentee ballot in the next few weeks!

Until then, the anniversary for the Iraq War is upon us. If you feel it is time to come home, I strongly urge you to seek out your local protest group and join in. If you feel we are doing the right thing, I strongly urge you to find your local recruiter and join the military (or at least form an anti-antiwar group and protest them (in a peaceful manner). Either way, exercise your rights. Personally, my heart is with those who want us home. I do not know that I will stand with the protesters as I wear a uniform for a living...but we'll see when that time comes.

God bless you all.


Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I'll be back with more, but until then, check out these:

Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America
Building a North American Community
Stop SPP

Arm yourselves Ladies and Gentlemen...and if I don't get back soon enough, I'm sure the Honorable Mr. Alan Stang will have some good information for you on various interesting, and possibly alarming, issues.

The Shrewd One

PS. How 'bout them Boise State Broncos on January 1st!?!

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Yes, my venture as a "blogger" seems to be failing quite miserably, as can be seen with the vast amount of content that flies across this page! A little update to any readers out there that might find life without my blog hard to live (you poor bastards): I left Okinawa in July of 2005 and picked up the wife and kids in Idaho and made that one move I've dreaded making my entire life...that is the move to Satan's Lair...I mean California...or is it Mexifornia now? Started to get the house settled then had to make a trip detour to Arizona for a month (USMC Training Op)...then finished with the house and then got deployed back to Iraq in January...been in this hell-whole ever since...however, it does seem better than living in the USA in the current state it is in...minus the aspect of being away from my family, of course.

Now that the update is complete, and my excuses made for not posting, on to WHAT REALLY GRINDS MY GEARS (apologies to Peter Griffin and the FOX Corp.)!

What is going on in the country now? YOU, America...having THOUSANDS of CITIZENS in another country...defending it from invasion and civil war; YOU are letting OUR country be INVADED? That is what's going on, you realize, don't you? THEY are amassing on the border right now trying to come across for that dream of amnesty. AND YOU ARE LETTING THEM! I'm not an idiot saying this...and I know it sounds somewhat high and mighty...easy to say when I am currently 4,000 miles away, right? No, it's not. It is heartbreaking, though. We are the ones that swore to defend the we are unable to do is in your hands America...DO SOMETHING. STOP THE MADNESS. Ensure that we have a country to come back to.

I know the consequences of such actions, but first to the political/economical part of such an amnesty or of the opposite. First, we are at a fairly low number for unemployment. Let's take that 12 million number everyone is throwing around, although we all know that number should be doubled...easily. Add 12 million people to the current census...yes some are already working, but some are not...they all now are eligible to suck on the tit of America's socialist programs such as social security, Medicare, et al, now. The unemployment number will go up and the amount of government spending on benefits will go up...thus the economy as a whole will go down. Are we ready for that? "But if we legalize them then they pay taxes now, and the government will just be spending what they are paying." WRONG. The government currently spends about $1.50 (give or take a dime) for every dollar it gets. So yes, they will be making, taking more...but will in turn spend even more.

Now, what if we import all these criminals (yes, they are criminals...they are here illegally...i.e. broke the law to get here, making them criminals)? Now, approximately 6 million jobs will be available (Nothing to back this up...just a wild guess, plus it makes the upcoming math easy). Quick hard math...300 million Americans, 4% unemployment (that means 12 million AMERICANS don't have jobs)...add 6 million jobs...unemployment WILL be 2%...but we know that's too easy. "THEY do the jobs we won't/don't." Take the sorry saps collecting government money and tell them to get a job...take their money away that they've been getting for doing nothing...they'll work. Who was doing these jobs before we were overwhelmed with illegal criminals? AMERICANS. They will do it again...where there is money to be made there are people willing to do the work...simple and demand...all that good stuff.

Enough on that...for I neither am an economist nor do I wish to become one. What nobody is talking about and I shall bring to light (for those I haven't bored to death) is the social implications of what could happen now, tomorrow, or next year...if the current plight of these illegals continues. The plight I speak of is that we don't want them here so they are marching on OUR streets (ILLEGALLY), demanding OUR rights (ILLEGALLY), on OUR TV/ OUR OUR COUNTRY (ILLEGALLY). If this continues, America, it will only take one buffoon...American start an outright RIOT. If say a group of punk American kids decides to crash one of these ILLEGAL rallies, it will be A.) the straw that broke the camels back, and B.) bloody hell. This country has been teetering on a civil war for quite some time...although most of us don't want to admit it. We are fed up with the government and are just waiting for the fight to start...for somebody else to start it. Will it matter that the igniter is an ILLEGAL march? No, what will matter is that a bunch of American punks got beat up by a bunch of ILLEGAL criminals and the government arrested the Americans...not the invaders. Be careful, America. This is a tense situation...much more so than any of us accredit it.

Once again, let me be the one to say "GOD HELP US!" Because we clearly cannot, or just will not, help ourselves.

As a side note, I am still much too lazy to change the George Washington tribute, nor do I see any reason to...he is that great after all. My plan is first to weed through all my old blogs for broken links and such. For instance, Save Our State ( is still there, but the picture for the link no longer exists. So, for those of you who find that annoying, rest assured that all will be made right in due time...that is, in my time. Maybe along the same time I’ll get a new background instead of continuing to steal the current one from the Idaho Observer ( I don’t know, we’ll see if time permits.


Friday, September 30, 2005


Honestly...what is the big deal with these storms in America? Not even America...but the Gulf area? Florida and the entire Southeast get multiple Hurricanes in an average big deal. No big remorse, no big fund-raisers...nothing. The "uncivilized" Eastern Asia get multiple Typhoons a year...nothing. They don't have the money to deal with the "devastation" and yet, they do. Point being, they spend their money in building things that withstand the storms that come year after year. Why, in the richest nation in the world, don't we do the same thing? Why do we tempt nature by building a city housing a million people on the the ocean's coast BELOW sea level? After living through 5 rather large typhoons in one year, and having nothing more happen then having to clean up trees...replace a few broken car windows, I have no remorse for Americans in this tragedy. Stop being so pig-headed, America...Coastal America...use your money wisely. The northern states never ask for money after blizzards, no matter how bad they are. The central states never ask for money after Tornadoes, no matter how bad they are. No states have asked for money for wildfires, floods, or anything else...THEY EXPECT THEM TO HAPPEN...they live through it year after year...they build their communities with their respective "disasters" in mind...what makes the "Hurricane States" so special? One more thought however insensitive it might be...INSURANCE. Hey, I have no problem inviting displaced persons into my house until they can get theirs' rebuilt...providing food and clothing, but this whole situation that the media has created is just outright ridiculous.

ps...still too busy/lazy to change the quotes & person of the week (ie George Washington stuff from February). Sorry...all in good time.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


First of all, I want to add my sentiments to those expressed by Minuteman...yes, they are traitors; and when I say that, I include George W. Bush as well, for signing the bill into law. But honestly, my fellow Bloggers...are we going after the real "evil" in this case? I understand, and agree, that to triumph over an evil, we must attack at its' roots...its' heels, its' base. But, we did fail at this when the bill first came into being. Now, the important part isn't trying to get the bill abolished, it's putting the bill back in it's place...for now. To do that, we need to understand the NEW enemy...that is, "JUDGE" Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, who has decided that (once again) it is okay for judges to make laws from the Bench. Show me one place where it says that a judge is allowed to do that. A jury can do it...actually, they can only rule whether a law is good or bad, not actually make them...but a judge can NOT.

Is America ever going to stop letting the federal government abuse the powers the WE GAVE TO THEM? We need to put this despotism back in its place. Show this government that we are willing to do whatever it takes to guarantee that the right of the PEOPLE shall NOT be infringed. If the government steps out of line ANYWHERE...whether it be congress with more McCain-Feingold bills, the presidente with his Executive Orders/Directives/et al, or the Judiciary with their "Case Law", we must ACT. The Judiciary's ONLY job...nay, ONLY POWER/RIGHT is to say whether a law is a violation of the Constitution or not.

I guarantee that Benjamin Franklin is saying "I told you so," right now. He signed the Constitution "whilst shedding a tear" because he felt that reguardless how perfect or imperfect this document may be, it would still lead to Despostism like all other governments before. I feel the reason this is the case, is because we allow a problem to drift beyond our ability to control it, then try to attack it from the root, after it is beyond our control. Once it is beyond that point, you must first stop the problem from growing before you can kill the problem. That is the nature of Nature. To stop this problem from growing, we must confront this Fascist Judge..."Judge" Colleen Kollar-Kottely...nay, the entire Judicial Branch at Large.

Use your rights or Lose your Rights.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Gun Bans Intensifying

"In 2000, New York`s penal law was amended to define military-style weapons and weapons with excessively large ammunition capacities as "assault weapons." The possession and sale of such assault weapons was banned but a "grandfather clause" was included, allowing the legal possession of those assault weapons that were lawfully possessed since September 14, 1994 or manufactured on or before October 1, 1993. Given the current heightened concerns regarding terrorism, and the danger posed by these military-style and large capacity weapons, this bill repeals the assault weapon grandfather clause and prohibits the sale and possession of all assault weapons in an effort to protect citizens and law enforcement personnel." Read the entire bill here.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I find myself praying to the Lord that this bill does get passed. WHAT?!? Yeah...pass it...anything to wake America up. The shooting must start sometime, and somewhere. Just let it be after I get back to The States, so I can help in "The War." As Constitutionalists and/or Christians, we must draw a FIRM line in the sand. We've done it so many times, but have we ever gone back to look where that line once was? The shooting should have started 50...nay, 80 years ago. Our next line must be our's time to fight for our rights. Did you catch the key phrase there? OUR RIGHTS. Not government granted privileges; no, rights given to us by God. We can't all wait until they are on "our doorstep" to begin fighting. We must start before they get to that point...we must be willing to start when they are on the doorstep of "Joe Schmuckatelly."


Insurgent as defined by Webster's Dictionary (1828): "n. A person who rises in opposition to civil or political authority; one who openly and actively resists the execution of laws. [See Insurrection.] An insurgent differs from a rebel. The insurgent opposes the execution of a particular law or laws; the rebel attempts to overthrow or change the government, or he revolts and attempts to place his country under another jurisdiction. All rebels are insurgents, but all insurgents are not rebels."

Sunday, February 20, 2005

George Washington

In the midst of "African American History Month" and the preceeding "Martin Luther King Jr." Birthday celebration, let us not forget the most important man that God ever graced this country with. Today we honor George Washington's birthday, albeit it is now called "Presidents' Day", it would be in our best interests to remember the man born on February 22nd, 1732. In a day and age that the average American man stood at around 5'5", this man grew to an astounding 6'3"...some even give him two more inches. He was a born Leader, a man that God clearly had a destiny already made for. What a destiny it would be! With an education not much above the common man's, young George sought out service in the Army to gain a "real" sociopolitical stance in the community. We've all heard the stories; the Cherry Tree, the Prayer at Valley Forge, crossing the Delaware, his fight with and Indian War-Party that he left with a bullet-riddled jacket while he, himself, was untouched, and on, and on. What most of us have not heard, or at least haven't heard since middle school so many years ago, is his Farewell Address. Why don't we all take a moment and listen to the Last Words of America's First, and Greatest Leader: